[MUSIC] Generations from EXILE Tribe “Taiyou mo Tsuki mo” – Review

by asha



  1. Taiyou mo Tsuki mo
  2. Togetherness
  3. Pierrot (English version)

So, let’s start with the song before jump into the MV (oh god, Sano looks damn good so I can’t wait to talk about him lol). The title track Taiyou mo Tsuki mo which means Sun and Moon, is an up-beat song. This song is definitely a song I’d put into my workout playlist, or any activity that requires me to be energetic. Ryuto’s vocal as usual, strong and stable. In other hand, Ryota (okay lemme laugh a bit) kind-of-slow-rap is just fine but not that exellent because hey, I prefer him to sing and not to rap or whatever it is heheh. But both of them deliver the energy of the song perfectly. There is a part where Ryota mentions all the four seasons (spring winter summer fall), and strangely sounds sexy to me? HAHAHA, dude I kno I’m super weird. For me, it’s 3/5!

The second, Togetherness is slow and fresh song. Type of song that usually played for energy drinks or cola commercial in summer? When I first listened to it, the intro tricked me, I thought it would be ballad but ta-dah, nope. The song is cheerful and as its title, depicts the togetherness vibe. I suggest you to play this song during vacation with friends, I think it’s a suitable song. It’s a nice song but I’d not listen to it for weeks. So, 2.5/5.

The third track, Pierrot. Frankly speaking I don’t fancy this english version because I prefer the original track better; which is in Japanese. Not because Ryuto and Ryota’s pronunciation sound weird but they really don’t sound like singing in English except the part that they often repeat or maybe because I get used to Pierrot Japanese version? Who knows lol. Honestly, I didn’t realize that it was in English until I checked the title omg I’m sorry but maybe the problem laid on my ears. But Ryota sounds pretty good in other english version of their songs though? However, the song is ear-catchy and easy to listen. I personally like the part “don’t you like me? don’t you like it?” maaaaan, it sounds so suggestive and makes me want to say YES! YES! lmao. Anyway, it’s 3/5.

Aaaaand, here we go! Let’s talk about the music video! Yay!There are many beautiful and aestetically pleasing frames and these are few of them. Too lazy to recap for the second time so I’ll just upload what I have lol. But seriously, these are so beautiful. I don’t know where they filmed the video, obviously not Japan, and probably USA since they did some tour there? I think?

GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE _ 太陽も月も.mp4_000001918GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE _ 太陽も月も.mp4_000006715GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE _ 太陽も月も.mp4_000013972GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE _ 太陽も月も.mp4_000036911GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE _ 太陽も月も.mp4_000049215GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE _ 太陽も月も.mp4_000050341

I’m suck at taking screen caps. They’re blurry and ugly but whatever. So these are the full-group frames. I don’t think I did enough to show how stunning the choreo is. oh, and TAKE A CLOSE LOOK AT SANO’S FOREARMS, THANK YOU. lol. Anyway, is Alan ok? I think the stylist gave him a not-so-stunning outfit (yeah, I against that ugly oversized pants??? It doesn’t look nice on him) and he rarely got screentime? Oh, and who suggest a sunglasses to Ryuto? Fam, you wanna fight? (I oppose it too, it makes him looks older sobs he looks like my uncle bye)

GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE _ 太陽も月も.mp4_000008925GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE _ 太陽も月も.mp4_000011803GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE _ 太陽も月も.mp4_000101434GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE _ 太陽も月も.mp4_000143351GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE _ 太陽も月も.mp4_000146354

AND OH MY GOD, SANO REO, EXCUSE YOU? I, a Ryota enthusiast, can’t take my eyes off him during this MV. I mean, yeah I know Sano is the most handsome member in Gene (to me obviously), but he usually looks “oh man handsome dude is here” but in this video, he looks “HIDE YOUR GIRLFRIEND I’M GOING OUT AND GONNA STEAL YOUR GIRL” haha, you know what I mean. His outfits, his hairstyle, his stare, man… I’m having a hard time watching this video. Not to mention he went topless and showering… duh. I thought it was Alan. BUT IT’S SANO. Bye universe, it was nice to know ya. loljk.

GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE _ 太陽も月も.mp4_000029988GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE _ 太陽も月も.mp4_000063313GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE _ 太陽も月も.mp4_000065940GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE _ 太陽も月も.mp4_000117575GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE _ 太陽も月も.mp4_000118493GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE _ 太陽も月も.mp4_000122330GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE _ 太陽も月も.mp4_000123748

Okay, so it’s Ryota’s time. As usual, he looks deadass cute. I feel sorry to him, since this MV concept is kinda rough and badass but he still looks cute HAHAHAHA. I mean, who ask him to have a baby-like face? There is a scene where he supposed to look mad and angry lion but instead, he looks like a angry cat lol. Even the bang-up hairstyle can’t help much, he still looks so young. (well, he is young though) But seriously man, he needs to stop wearing that low-cut tee that showoffs his collarbone.

GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE _ 太陽も月も.mp4_000020562GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE _ 太陽も月も.mp4_000052469GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE _ 太陽も月も.mp4_000053303GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE _ 太陽も月も.mp4_000166457GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE _ 太陽も月も.mp4_000169961

These are the rest members. I should’ve done better in screencapping but got not time and their individual screen time are so short. But I think I did pretty nice? No?

GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE _ 太陽も月も.mp4_000167625GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE _ 太陽も月も.mp4_000060435GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE _ 太陽も月も.mp4_000057223GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE _ 太陽も月も.mp4_000046588GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE _ 太陽も月も.mp4_000030697They’re all looking nice. Well, actually I want to review other album/single but this is the latest album single. AND, please anticipate their new album! They already released MV for Sora (idk how to kanji lol) it sounds so wonderfully beautiful and all, so make sure you pay a visit to avex youtube channel and listen to their latest MV! Yay. I cannot wait to listen to their new songs!

P.S. Please take a note that this review is merely like my personal opinion and  based on my preference, do not take it to heart.

P.S.S Lemme know if you want the download link of the songs!

P.S.S.S Screw english, and screw ugly screencaps.