they might be someone who understands you the most.

by asha


I wonder how many people I’ve encountered have a wrong impression of me. I mean, that is totally fine, though. We can’t really do something about it. But wouldn’t it be sad, if we continue to have the impression of someone especially when  it’s totally the opposite, or anything that is different. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t jump too quick to conclude everything. But at least, maybe we should try to know the person first.

Not just one, or two only, people around me—who just met me, to be precise, like in a first meet, almost always think that I’m someone with typical unlikeable person. I admit, that I have this kind of resting-bitch and annoying look, so I can’t really blame them to have sorta thoughts. Some of them even didn’t want to join an uni event just because I happened to be one of the committees. Man, I don’t wanna open and old wound (yes, it is a wound to me) because someone rejected to be in the same place with me. Doesn’t it mean that my existence annoy them? Wow, incredible. I ain’t the type who cares much about what people think about me; but that is when people think about what I do. Like for example, I don’t care if people think I’m a shameless fangirl because okay, I’m a fangirl. Whether or not my way to fangirl seems shameless to them, dude I don’t give a damn, that is how I do. But when they say I’m such a BLABLA and or BLABLABLA when I’m nothing close to it, I think it hurts me a bit. (Yeah, my ego won’t allow me to have it more than a bit).

When people have the wrong impression of me and they create such a space to distance both of us, I can’t help but to feel that I’m the one who to blame, I can’t help to think that maybe, after all, I’m unlikeable person? And when those people start to tell others about their impression about me, isn’t that unfair to me? Why do you shove your personal opinion to people who haven’t know me, who never tried to know me at the first place? At all?

If after you know me for a while and your impression doesn’t change, it’s fine, I’m gonna respect it nevertheless. But, truthfully, most of people who had similar [bad and not nice] first impression of me but befriends with me and getting along well with me, later their impression of me change drastically. You know what I mean, right? What I want to point here is, it is totally fine to have a first impression of someone but don’t let your first impression stays forever before you get to really know them. Who knows they might be someone who you’re looking for all this time, who knows they might be someone who understands you the best, who knows they might be the love of your life, who knows the might be someone who plays a very important role in your whole universe, who knows they might be just… different from who you thought they might be.

Maybe I’m too emo. (nah, I’m too old to be emo, sobs)

It’s 3AM here and of course this kind of thought strikes back. But however, I don’t ask you all to like me, that would be megagiga impossible. Well, of course except if you are Dean freaking hot Winchester (and people around you aren’t werewolves or childish angels who want attention from their dad, lol). Not like we can please everyone anyway, and we weren’t born to do such. As I type the last word of this entry, I think I’d like to tell myself that first impression does matter, but yeah, not that much. So I have nothing to worry about, it’s not like a bird is unable to fly just because someone think it doesn’t have wings, anyway.