Hi, nice to see you there.

The name is Asa Bianglala Eureka; usually people online call me Asha. Some also call me Lala, Abila and Bianka—not a big deal, though, because every nickname is special and beautiful. I was born and raised in Gresik, the sixteenth of August.

I’m an English student, a fangirl and also an author. My debut book Sailing the Seashore was published in 2014. I enjoy learning languages, watching dramas, reading and listening to ballad songs. I have a resting-bitch face, so I kind of understand when most people got the wrong impression and idea about me.

An ENFP, cat person and have a fetish on men’s hand—not all kind of hand, just some kind of them. I fancy cakes, sweets and ice cream. I have a coulrophobia; and I have difficulty to face reptiles, they are scary to me. An ikemen hunters. My kinks are fictional characters, supporting roles in drama/movie and people-I-cannot-have, lmao don’t laugh.

This blog is going to be a place where I write down things about books, dramas, and music review, fan fictions, fan sub, and I also blog stuffs. If this blog happens to be one on your following list, and you pay a visit regularly, I really really appreciate and feel so thankful. Lemme know your blog url so I can blogwalk yours too!