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hi, this page contains the lists of translations I made. So far, they are only from K-Pop groups which means I translate from KR to ENG. I have a huge interest in learning language, so this translation project is some kind of challenge to myself to learn the language better. Because I’m still learning and not a native, obviously, there might be a wrong translation or interpretation, so please feel free to correct me if you spot the mistakes! So, check them out below.

Variety show & talk show translation list:

  • ASTRO Summer Vibes Jacket Making Behind – watch
  • BOYS REPUBLIC [B Cut like OK Cut] One bite for you- watch
  • BOYS REPUBLIC 150618 Cut The Show Behind – watch
  • BOYS REPUBLIC Boys TV Ep. 50 Hello Jacket Making Behind – watch
  • BOYS REPUBLIC TV – Suwoong’s scary story – watch
  • BOYS24 Photoshoot x Booto Behind – watch
  • BTOB Hashtag CUBE TV “A Day with Changsub” – watch
  • BTOB Hashtag CUBE TV “Changsub is Scary” – watch
  • BTOB Minhyuk visit BOYS24 cut – watch
  • BTOB Shanghai Fanmeeting Behind – watch
  • BTOB Summer Festival File – BTOB is Moving On! – watch
  • BTOB Summer Festival File – Drawings – watch
  • BTOB Summer Festival File – Fate – watch
  • BTOB Summer Festival File – The Hot Body – watch
  • BTOB Summer Festival File – The Perfect Ice Breaker – watch
  • BTOB The Beat Extra S2 Ep. 9 – watch
  • HALO 150624 MV Bank Stardust Cut – watch
  • HEARTB Time Ep. 1 – watch
  • HEARTB Time Ep. 2 – watch
  • MONSTAX @ Mwave Meet & Greet – (1/5) (2/5) (3/5) (4/5) (5/5)
  • MONSTAX 160825 V-App Cut – Two-faced Shownu – watch
  • MONSTAX MonLittleTV – minhyuk // hyungwon
  • MONSTAX Shownu Cut @ Oh! Cool Men – Part-time Worker Experience – watch
  • MONSTAX Sukira – Self Cam – watch
  • PENTAGON 161102 MV Bank Stardust Cut – watch
  • PENTAGON Debut Photoshoot Behind – watch
  • PENTAGON Gorilla MV Making Behind Part 1 – watch
  • PENTAGON Gorilla MV Making Behind Part 2 – watch
  • PENTAGON MAKER Ep. 6 Edawn vs. Kino – watch
  • PENTAGON MAKER Ep. 6 Jinho vs. Shinwon – watch
  • PENTAGON MAKER Ep. 7 Full 10 Members Teamwork – watch
  • PENTAGON MAKER Ep. 8 Yuto Interview – watch
  • PENTAGON Seoul Dream Concert 2016 Behind – watch
  • PENTAGON Showchamp 161023 Behind – watch
  • PENTAGON Showchamp 161101 Behind – watch
  • PENTAGON YEOONE for Hashtag CUBE TV “Bad Person” – watch

Some of them may be locked by youtube because of the copyrights, but still I list them all. I usually just sub the groups I like but I think I would try to sub more from others groups! Oh, right. I’m part of heartbdaily and darkhouse subbing team so some of videos above are uploaded to the teams’ channel. Those that uploaded under redchingu are my own solo projects.

Fanaccounts translation list:

  • BTOB 160620 FANACC about Changsub and HIS ABS ㅋㅋㅋ cr. subpooh_cs READ
  • BTOB 161208 Hyunsik during cheki talks. (cr. soolody_hyunsik) READ
  • BTOB 161212 nagoya – changsub during fansign talk. [cr. Pcscsp] READ
  • BTOB Changsub with a fan during cheki talks. (cr. cshr_910226) READ
  • BTOB Fanaccs thread READ THREAD
  • BTOB Japan magazine Interview TRANS.  READ THREAD
  • MONSTAX 170507 Nowon Fansign cr. arya940115 READ
  • MONSTAX Cultwoshow Radio 161006 thread READ THREAD
  • MONSTAX Fanacc 180616 Wonho  《 r. ktyls_bk》READ
  • MONSTAX Fanaccs thread READ THREAD
  • MONSTAX Hyungwon Fanacc Post it – READ
  • MONSTAX Jooheon Fanacc Post it – READ ;;; READ // READ
  • MONSTAX Kihyun Fanacc Post it – READ ;; READ ;; READ
  • MONSTAX M&G 161024 thread READ THREAD
  • MONSTAX Minhyuk Fanacc Post it – READ
  • MONSTAX Monbebepicnic // 160815 SHOWNU (cr outerspace_0618) READ
  • MONSTAX Olleh Magazine Profile thread READ THREAD
  • MONSTAX PSH 160625 thread READ THREAD
  • MONSTAX Shownu: “HIT THE STAGE.” cr. source   // READ
  • MONSTAX Sukira 161013 thread READ THREAD

I think I lost track, because I feel like did more fanacc translation than what I listed above. But it’s okay, at least I can list some of them down. Translating fanaccount is always fun!

Song lyrics translation:

I probably would do more of this in the future, who knows?